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Stable cleaning product. Effective removal/cleaning of organic and inorganic dirt. Additionally it lowers pH and therefore infection pressure. This will result in significant germ reduction.

From €70,00 ex. VAT 

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pH-neutral general cleaner for the common pollutions that are found on all wet cleanable surfaces. Selecting the correct cleaner that does not harm specific surfaces is important for the durability of machinery and surfaces.

From €79,80 ex. VAT

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Stable Disinfectant

Only permitted to use as a mean to combat bacteria (excluding Mycobacteria and bacterial spores), yeasts and fungi on hard surfaces in animal housing and associated spaces, excluding vehicles.

From €195,00 ex. VAT

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Stable Foam Cleaner

Must have cleaner for optimal farm hygiene, which is the key to a healthy, profitable business. As opposed to dangerous and environmentally harmfull foam cleaners, we have created our Stable Foam Cleaner.

From €43,80 ex. VAT

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We’ve built a strict quality control system to make sure all ingredients are safe.



Multifunctional supportive product for the cleaning of animal hooves.
Both cleaning the claw and skin and additionally regenerates the skin.
Because of the local pH reduction, it also helps to suppress infections.

From €87,50 ex. VAT

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An organic liquid fertilizer to use on agricultural crops.
Crops will take in and utilise nutrients better.
The resistance of crops will overall improve and their condition
will remain steadier and positively balanced.

From €175,00 ex. VAT

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Theo N.

"I use Herbali on my crops. The overall health is demonstrably better. Growth and roots have been improved. I will continue to use this product."

Laura B.

"Great products for my cattle. Having great results with hygiene products as well as the Condition Bolus."

Jan  L.

"I have been using Vossen products since a year now. I love the way they advice to work naturally, not only their products do what they say, I feel comfortable to be ready for the future with my farming business."