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Quarter & Joint Care
Quarter & Joint CareQuarter & Joint Care

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All-in-one udder and joint care product for cows. The green viscous liquid will give a clear colour marking on the body of the cow.

When to use the product?

Cows can suffer from tired and/or aching muscles and joints from time to time. It is important to treat this, as it will relieve the animal from unnecessary pains.

How does the product work?

The peppermint oil has healing and softening effects, while the lanoline will sooth the skin since it penetrates perfectly into the horn layer of the skin. The added food safe colorant makes sure that the farmer knows which parts have already been treated and which have not been yet. The overall blood flow is supported by the properties of the peppermint oil and the lanoline activates a general smoothening and care. 

Why is this product advantageous?

When an udder or joint gets irritated, it is important that the cow can quickly feel better. Lanoline makes the skin more flexible and works preventative against dryness of the cow’s skin so that irritations can immediately decrease. Peppermint oil provides soothing relief to the swollen udder of cows and gives an immediate cooling effect. Even though an udder or joint can get infected, Quarter & Joint Care can take care of an immediate relief of the cows suffer and pain.


Peppermint oil, lanoline, colorant (food safe), a.o.


Spray the pure product after every milking, as long as necessary (usually 2 to 4 days), on the to be treated udder.

Spray the pure product once or twice a day, on the effected knee, muscle or joint as long as necessary.


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