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Udder Care (Ready To Use)
Udder Care (Ready To Use)Udder Care (Ready To Use)Udder Care (Ready To Use)Udder Care (Ready To Use)Udder Care (Ready To Use)Udder Care (Ready To Use)Udder Care (Ready To Use)Udder Care (Ready To Use)Udder Care (Ready To Use)Udder Care (Ready To Use)Udder Care (Ready To Use)Udder Care (Ready To Use)Udder Care (Ready To Use)

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Udder health is of high importance to milk production and general cow welfare. One part to keep an udder healthy is for the skin to keep its protective acid mantle (pH is about 5.5). By using the right product to take care of the udder, possible bacterial infections and irritated udders can be prevented.

When to use the product?

Teat spraying or dipping has essential functions: disinfection and care. It’s important to work in a clean environment before wanting to take care of the health of a cow’s teat. Taking proper care of the teat by disinfecting and smoothening the teats skin regularly, will assure general welfare of the udder and cow overall.

How does the product work?

When in need of a quick solution of spraying or dipping your cows teat, there’s the perfect ready-to-use udder care product on the market, which is delivered in a ready-to-use sprayer to directly spray on the teat. It will leave a clear green colour behind, so it’s easy to analyse what parts have been treated and what have not yet been.

Why is it advantageous?

For easy and quick use, for example when having to treat only one teat, it’s easy to just take the sprayer and treat the cow in couple of seconds. No need to make a dilution which will create a large amount of treatment product which you cannot use. Easy to use, will leave a green colour behind and will do its perfect disinfecting and caring job.


Lanoline, glycerine, herbal extracts, lactic acid, and colourant (food safe).        


Apply the ready-to-use product after milking by spraying or dipping the teats.


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