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A natural product that is used as a liquid organic fertilizer. It supports the condition of all plant parts that are found above the ground. Specifically effective when the plant is under pressure because of negative external elements.

When to use the product?

It is important that the upper ground parts of the plant are resistant against bad influences, in order for the crop to grow optimally and have good quality. The combination of seaweed extracts and herbal extracts and its organic influence on the resistance of plants against bad influences outside.

How does the product work?

Plant Care belongs to the Vossen The New Farming crop solutions. It is a liquid organic fertilizer with natural ingredients. The nutrients will give the crop a better condition in a natural way, making it more resistant to negative external influences.


Water, seaweed extracts and herbal extracts.


Dilute with enough water to get an even distribution and apply this mixture with a spraying machine.

Horticulture in green houses:
1 litre per 1000 m2 with +/- 10 day intervals.

Agriculture and horticulture on the cold soil:
1 to 3 litres per hectare every week.

- Do not apply:

  • In strong daylight.
  • On soft moist fruit.
  • When biological crop protection methods with insects are used.
  • When bumblebees are used (for fertilisation).

- Do not mix with other products.

This natural product can contain some sediment, which dissolves completely when diluted with water.