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Plantali is an organic fertilizer, specifically created for the horticulture in green houses and small fruit on cold soil.

When to use the product?

Partly sea algae complexes partly herbal extracts are responsible for the enhancement of the plant tolerance against a wide range of abiotic stresses, a better root development, leaf growth and thus an overall better product quality.

How does the product work?

Horticultural plants and fruits that are treated with the seaweed and herbal extract based product will create an optimal nutrient absorption and development. Besides it will support the overall condition and resistance of the plants as well as supplement the plant with important substances like minerals.

Why is this product advantageous?

All horticultural plants, including those in green houses and specific fruits on cold soil, are sensitive for abiotic stresses and other negative influences like viruses and plague insects. This will decrease the product’s quality and therefore needs to be protected against those outside influences. Sea algae complexes and herbal extracts contact several bioactive molecules such as sugars, phytohormones, polysaccharides, minerals and other, that function synergistically to improve plant performance under these sub-optimal conditions.


Water, sea algae complex, and herbal extract.


Green house crops:
Dilute 1:10 with clean tapped water.

Cold soil:
Dilute 1:99 with clean tapped water.

Note: Do not apply in strong sunlight. This product is miscible with conventional water dilutable sprays.